I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers

I went to Chicago for a few days this past August for a Midwest regional gathering of The Children’s Music Network. CMN has been a treasure trove of wonderful songs for many years and its members are among some of my dearest friends. The weekend was full of good times with many of them including Susan Salidor and Caroline Presnell. Susan and I had a lot of fun sitting in Caroline’s beautiful living room singing Susan’s wonderful song,“I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers.” Susan’s husband, Jay Rehak, recorded us and Caroline was at hand for whatever we needed, including loaning us some of her necklaces—mine is made by a good friend of all of ours, Sally Rogers, another long-time CMN member. It felt great to have the embrace of this great group surrounding us on so many levels! “I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers” is on my new CD, “Take the Seed,” and is on Susan’s  “Come and Make a Circle 2”. You can find out more about her at www.susansalidor.com.

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