by Barb Tilsen

Opening, unfolding
Surrendering self
raw and wounded
Healing from the inside out
the wondering, wandering mind
the failing body
Boundaries sundered
Holding life close
Inviting people in
Here and not here
but there
What is here, what is there
Seeking true connections
Dissolving distance
Opening the way
Thoughts mingle
Soar and dive
Hearts touch
Love shines
Perception deepens
From sliding, spiraling downwards
towards a final release
To rising gripping holding on
Pulled above to vibrant growth
in this living breathing loving world
Weaving word comes alive
in the power of image
Leading spirit and flesh
all directions without, within
above, below
How could I not be changed
I almost left
The return is precious
Everyone, everything cherished
Holding all so close
breathing in life and love

© Barbara S. Tilsen

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