Ballad of a Bank Robber Lyrics

Ballad of a Bank Robber © 1982 Barbara S. Tilsen
© ℗ 2017 Barbara Tilsen (BMI) All rights reserved

by Barbara Tilsen
© 1982 Barbara Tilsen

Grab a chair and rest your feet, I’ve a true story to tell
Full of drama, full of danger, listen hard and listen well
It’s the story of a bank robber, a smart and quick lady
Her name’s unknown, her crime remains an unsolved mystery

‘Cause she wore a see-through blouse, it was no big disguise
But the teller that she robbed couldn’t quite believe his eyes
She wore a clear and see-through blouse, trimmed with fancy lace
And that poor bank teller never once glanced upon her face

She boldly strode into the bank, the day was clear and sunny
With gun in hand made the demand, “Give me all your money!”
The teller was afraid, he moved quick at her request
After all it’s rather frightening being held up by a breast CHORUS

He made quick work to fill her bag with money from his drawer
And with no one else the wiser, she walked right out that door
Then he sounded the alarm and the cops came right away
Asking for a full description, but all that he could say…was…well…CHORUS

I hope that wealthy lady bank robber is roaming free today
She understood the system well and how to make it pay
So let this be a warning to all who are obsessed
Better turn around your thinking, get it off her chest CHORUS

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