Make A Circle Like The Sun Credits

Produced by Barbara Tilsen
Recorded and mixed at Custom Recording Studios Engineer – Jim Reynolds Mixers – Jim Reynolds, Nancy Cox, Bruce O’Brien, Barb Tilsen, David Tilsen
Layout and Design – Gail Wallinga, Wallinga
Designs Musical Consultant – Bruce O’Brien Photography – Gayla Ellis

Barb Tilsen: Vocals, guitar, djembe, guiro, uñas, shakers, wind drum
Bruce O’Brien: Vocals (tracks 1, 2, 12), banjo (track 1)
Pete Mathison: Acoustic bass (tracks 1, 6, 12, 17)
Marty Winkler: Vocals (tracks 2, 6, 18)
Karen Mueller: autoharp (tracks 4, 18) guitar (track 19), mandolin (track 19)
Bill Hinkley: Fiddle (tracks 6, 15, 17), vocals (track 2)
Jim Kellerman: Flute (tracks 10, 19), clarinet (track 6), doumbek (track 16), piano (track 7), sax (track 19)
Kathy Lara: Vocals, guitar (track 11) Leo Lara: Charango (track 11)
David Tilsen: Tambourine, cabasa (track 11)
Molly Tilsen: Vocals (track 8), shoes (track 5)
Michael DelMain: Vocals, piano (track 14)
Roy McBride: Vocals (track 16)
Lacinea McBride: Vocals (track 16) Soaring Voices: Vocals (tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16, 17)

Antara Busse-Rein, Beatrice Cooper, Emma & Claudia Cooperstein, Hannah Couming Nemetz, Jake Nemetz, Saoirse, Joe & Mave Goff, Laura Mathews, Lacinea McBride, Olivia Olson, Anna Lucia Salerno, Rosalind & Sophia Tilsen

Make a Circle Like the Sun Dancers in cover photo: Lacinea McBride, Olivia Olson, Anna Lucia Salerno, Shasa Sartin

All songs by Barbara Tilsen © 2000 BMI. Songs by other artists used with permission:

“Red Yellow Orange and Brown” by Patty Gille © 1986 Patty Gille
“Save Some Trees” by Dave Orleans ©1982 Dave Orleans
“There’s a Dog in the School” by Bill Wellington © Well-In-Tune BMI
“Las Hormiguitas – The Little Ants” by José-Luis Orozco © 1982, 1994 José-Luis Orozco
“Everybody Started Out Small” by Stuart Stotts © 1996 Stuart Stotts BMI
“Gentle Hands” by Michael DelMain © 2000 Michael DelMain
“Monster Day” by Linda Arnold © 1990 Linda Arnold Publishing ASCAP
“Rainbow ‘Round Me” by Ruth Pelham, words adapted by Barbara Tilsen © 1982 Ruth Pelham
“Rockin’ Robin” by Jimmie Thomas

Other song notes: “Mi Cuerpo”— full song title is “Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica” by Gil Raldiris © Gil Raldiris “Mother Goose Rhythm & Rhyme” by Barb Tilsen, Hide & Seek Rhyme/Miss Mary Mack by Roy & Lacinea McBride

All rights reserved.
© ℗ 2000 Barbara Tilsen
PO Box 7034, Minneapolis MN 55407

My songs take root and grow in the rich & fertile ground of family, friends and community.    I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the many people who are part of helping my songs, and this recording, take shape and bloom: to my husband, David Tilsen, and my children, Rebecka, Eddie and Molly Tilsen for the countless ways they give me love, support, advice and insight in all my endeavors, and the same to the whole Sandstrom and Tilsen families and especially to Ken Tilsen, Mark Tilsen, and Joci Tilsen for the essential and important parts they each have played in making this recording happen; to Gayla Ellis for an artistic collaboration that has spanned many years and a friendship that has lasted many more; to the children and staff at the child care centers and schools I sing with regularly; to the Children’s Music Network and the Children’s Music Web; to the songwriters and the wonderful musicians on this recording who brought their talent, skill and artistry to these songs; to the great energy and beautiful singing of children in Soaring Voices (for the musical Valentines, too!) and to the dancing children on the cover. Thanks, also, to Lucinda Anderson, Yolanda Battles, Brenna Busse, Bob Cooper, Eric Cooperstein, Paul Couming, Nancy Cox, Letricia Cunningham, Shari & Martin Goff, Teresa Hichens-Olson, Kathy & Leo Lara, Faith Latimer, Denise Mayotte, Joan & Stu Mathews, Roy McBride, Sakina Mohamed, Naomi, Tina Nemetz, Katie Oberle, Bruce O’Brien, Tom Pease, Sarah Pirtle, Dan Rein, Leanna Sartin, Stuart Stotts, Josh Tilsen, Mala Vujnovich.

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