Sacred Ground – Quotes

“I’ve been waiting many years for a recording of these songs, and the wait was more than worthwhile. Barb weaves threads of community, family, political organizing and deep love into every song. The production is immaculate, and her voice conveys a lifetime of connection and lyricism. Whether you need inspiration, comfort, or just plain delight, Barb Tilsen’s newest CD will find a welcome place in your music rotation.”
– Stuart Stotts

“Sacred Ground is an such an important album for these difficult times. We are accustomed to wonderful things from the LeSueur-Tilsen family and its ongoing generations of artists. And we are accustomed to words of frustration and rage, surrounded as we currently are by death and wilful destruction. Which is why this album is special: these songs don’t waste time on the negative. Their themes celebrate the positive–those endless resources we too often overlook in our struggle for survival. Barb Tilsen’s beautiful voice is enhanced by ukulele, keyboards, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica autoharp, accordion and the spoken word. Gayla Ellis’s moving photographs add to a perfect package. An album to listen to again and again.”
– Margaret Randall.

“These songs grab attention. They are about real life, stories and blessings. The song for “Kimberly Rose” washed into me in a way I will never forget. And the joyful tribute to curiosity “Two and a Half” is guaranteed to make you laugh and laugh. Oh Barb, thank you for bringing this album forward at this time of so many hostilities. Your lyrical and layered way of understanding the world helps us all believe that by honoring a specific child as Sacred Ground, the whole community is seeded with health. I want to listen to your voice, these songs, every morning. Thank you so much!”
– Sandy Spieler, Artistic Director, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre

“Differences are all around us, everyday, and often we focus too hard to be different from one another. Our need to connect is not only important but imperative. Barb’s songs speak to the things that connect us, things that we all have in common and challenge us to live a more deep meaningful life. Despite our differences, we all want to connect with and help others and accept help that is offered to us. It’s a deep winding river of people, their plans, actions and routines.  Water and people drift around the world and spread passions, prayers and promises. “Sacred Ground” by Barb Tilsen contains timeless songs that flow through the changes and challenges we all face.”
– Connie Goldman, author and speaker

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