for Emma, Mason, and Everly
Produced by Scott Malchow and Barb Tilsen
Recorded at Ottertunity and Creation Audio
Arranged and Engineered by Scott Malchow
Art and Design by Kari Pearson
Photography by Gayla Ellis

BARB TILSEN: lead vocals, guitar, autoharp, ukulele
SCOTT MALCHOW: keyboards/guitars/bass/mandolin/snoring and any other uncredited noises
BRUCE KURNOW harmonica Doggie Woggie Where’s Your Bone?, The Little Grey Ponies, Abracadabra
KATHY LARA : cuatro/vocals Pajarito
RICH MANIK saxophone Three Little Birds, I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers
BARBARA MCAFEE: piano/vocals Love Grows One By One, vocals: Doggie Woggie Where’s Your Bone?, Frogs Around the Pond, La La Salama
KAREN MUELLER: autoharp/vocals Blue Thumb, vocals: La La Salama
RACHEL NELSON: fiddle/vocals Seed and Frogs Around the Pond, vocals La La Salama
JACK PEARSON: banjo/jawharp/spoons/vocals Frogs Around the Pond, The Little Grey Ponies, I Don’t Care if the Rain Comes Down, La La Salama C.
TOMCAT HOWLS: dobro Doggie Woggie Where’s Your Bone?
STUART STOTTS: guitar Even Deep in Winter
RON TOLES: vocals Frogs Around the Pond and La La Salama

Aston Jones , Addi Korte, Allivia Korte, Layla Lafferty, Sam Lehne, Anna Malchow, Sarah Malchow, Emma Nowacki , Kyah Tilsen, Shayla Tilsen, Anaka Toles, Rayah Tilsen Toles, Zamira Toles

total running time: 67 minutes 15 seconds

All songs by Barbara Tilsen except where noted. All songs by other artists used with permission.
© ℗ 2015 Barbara Tilsen
All rights reserved.
PO Box 7034, Minneapolis MN 55407

My music is deeply connected to my circles of family and friends, the children and teachers I’ve taught and sung with over the years. I appreciate the musicians and songwriters whose music has touched me, and the links my music has to the grass-roots people and organizations actively working to make the world a better place. I feel blessed to be part of such rich and multi-faceted communities. Among so many who’ve made a difference in my life and my music, there are a few who I want to specifically thank for their help with this recording. My thanks to Jack and Nancy Pearson of Ottertunity for opening their lovely studio to me with such genuine warmth, generously sharing their resources; to Scott Malchow for the unfailing support, creative vision, superb musicality and technical expertise he’s brought to each song we recorded together; to all the songwriters, “Mother Ruth” Dowell, and the gifted musicians on this recording who gave their talent, skill and artistry to these songs; to the spirited, wonderful singing of the children in Soaring Voices Chorus; to Kari Pearson for her intuitive creativity in the beautiful art and graphic design for this cd; to Stuart Stotts for his insightful feedback and support on this recording— especially on the crafting of Blue Thumb; to Kathy Reid-Naiman for the lovely bird verse on Even Deep in Winter; to Miniapple Montessori teacher Najat Ajaraam who first suggested we sing the chorus of “Tout ce que je veux—La paix” as a stand-alone song which I then adapted as a zipper song; to my brother Paul Sandstrom for being my go-to guy on all questions about water and soil; to Gayla Ellis for her amazing photography and life-long friendship; to my children and their partners Becka, Molly, Eddie and Amber Tilsen, Basil Shadid and Sky Audsley for all the ways they give me love and support, and most of all to my husband David Tilsen who has given me invaluable help on this recording and always been there for me every step of the way.

My Soaring Voices Chorus has always included children in my family and 2015 is no exception. My thanks to members of my family who helped make it happen, bringing their children and grandchildren to rehearsals and the studios, helping with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ needs too: Kathy & Tabe Hoppe, HolyElk Lafferty, Bernie Lafferty, Judy Tilsen, Joci Tilsen, Meridel Tilsen, Anna Tilsen-Mogeni, Lasha Tilsen Toles, Ron Toles, and Angie Zinda. I also am grateful to Brigid Finucane, Kathy & Leo Lara, Anna Malchow, Margo McCreary, Robin Nelson, Dave Orleans, Sarah Pirtle, Stephanie Roselli, Susan Salidor, Troy Schreck, Carole Stephens, Udi Perera and Miniapple International Montessori staff, as well as The Children’s Music Network for their help and support.

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